When your desire for freedom is stronger than the force of habit.

When you would rather run towards the next adventure with waving flags than play it safe.

When you do your thing - and perhaps even make the world a slightly better place in the process.

Then you are the ones who are shaping the present and conquering the future: PIONEERS OF TOMORROW!

Pioneers are visionaries, doers and explorers. They want to make a difference in the here and now to improve the future.

That's why they are the "Pioneers of Tomorrow" - curious, courageous and always looking for the next adventure.

After the last campaigns have already ingnited the pioneering spirit on Mars, the enternal ice and on Planetropia, the spirit will continue in the spring/summer 2024 season

Follow us on the journey across the ocean.

The vastness of the sea exudes freedom and lightness, inspiring the must haves of the new collection.

What makes us different


Sustainability is firmly part of the PIONEER DNA and the path taken so far will be expanded. The proportion of production with sustainable aspects is being consistently increased. We pay attention to compliance with ecological standards at every stage. For example, we attach importance to reducing water and using as few chemicals as possible in the production process, as well as finishing the trousers as sustainably as possible. A large part of the NOS denim programme is already produced with a proportion of organic cotton. Learn More


The Handcrafted philosophy combines the value of craftsmanship with the wealth of experience of a four-decade PIONEER history.

Elaborate workmanship, high-quality fittings and authentic denims form the basis for honest heritage products.

The use of a 1 mm thick braided yarn and the combination of fabric and matching yarn colour form the character of the line.


Spring / Summer 2024
The new collection

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