Fair, transparent & ecological



91% less water consumption

46% less pesticides and fertilisers

No genetically modified seeds



Up to 50% lower impact on emissions and water than generic viscose

Sustainable procurement and sourcing of wood and cellulose

EU-Ecolabel certified



Fibres are made from wood (renewable)

Low water consumption

Biologically degradable

Recycled Cotton / Receycled PES

At work for the planet

Pioneers of Tomorrow think and act sustainably: the proportion of organic cotton is steadily increasing. Organic cotton is gradually being integrated into all segments of the collection. In addition, eco-friendly fibres and recycled fibres will be used from the Spring/Summer 2022 season. There is no „Planet B“. That´s why we remain on course for sustainability: we have to rethink and change our route so that the earth remains what it has been for myriads of years: our home planet.