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When your desire for freedom is stronger than the force of habit.

When you would rather run towards the next adventure with waving flags than play it safe.

When you do your thing - and perhaps even make the world a slightly better place in the process.

Then you are the ones who are shaping the present and conquering the future: Pioneers of Tomorrow!

The “Pioneers of Tomorrow” are focussed on the future in a positive way. They want to make a difference and to shape our future and that of our planet in a positive, sustainable manner.

They’re doers, explorers, and humanitarians. This spectacular campaign was created in a futuristic, out-of-this-world setting on Fuerteventura.

The campaign depicts the new pioneers as travellers to Mars and portrays the life of these first newcomers to the red planet in a playful way.

It shows the awakening of a desire for a better world, for adventure and freedom. The collection focusses on lightness, elasticity and sustainability.

What makes us different


Always ahead, always curious, always looking for new impulses. This is a PIONEER. A visionary and discoverer. As a brand, we take this pioneering spirit as our model and are always on the lookout for the most innovative materials, the highest quality and the best design.

NEW: Megalight „FEEL LIGHT“

Summery lightweight fabrics made from the finest yarns and light textures perfectly match the warmth and freshness of the season. Ultra-light premium stretch items and a 7oz lightweight stretch denim complete the collection.




Pioneers of Tomorrow think and act sustainably: the proportion of organic cotton is being steadily increased. Organic cotton is gradually being integrated into all segments of the collection.

In addition, eco-friendly fibres and recycled fibres will be used from the Spring/Summer 2022 season. 

There is no "Planet B". That is why we remain on course for sustainability:

because we have to rethink and change our route so that the earth remains in the future what it has been for myriads of years: our home planet.

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The Handcrafted philosophy combines the value of craftsmanship with the wealth of experience of a four-decade PIONEER history.

Elaborate workmanship, high-quality fittings and authentic denims create the basis for honest heritage products.

NEW: Model Eric is reissued as a straight fit in organic cotton. The perfect symbiosis of rich heritage and sustainability.       

Spring / Summer 2022
The new collection

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Impression A/W 22

Get a first virtual impression with our 360° showroom tour including touchpoints and discover our PIONEER autumn/winter collection 2022 "TIMELESS":

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